Achieve Flawless Finishes Faster with Magnetic Polishing

Magnetic Polishing Solution

Magnetic Polishing Solution is a specially formulated liquid designed to work seamlessly
with your Magnetic Jewelry Polishing Machine. This powerful solution goes beyond
polishing, delivering a multi-step cleaning and finishing process for your jewelry.

Effortless Polishing and Cleaning:

  • Enhanced Polishing: The solution acts as a lubricant during the magnetic polishing
    process, resulting in a smooth and lustrous finish on your jewelry pieces.
  • Superior Cleaning Power: It effectively removes oil, grease, and other invisible
    contaminants that can dull the shine of your jewelry.
  • Efficient Operation: The concentrated formula allows for extended use, maximizing
    your machine's efficiency.

Benefits of Magnetic Polishing Solution:

  • Faster Finishing Times: Experience significantly reduced polishing times compared
    to traditional methods.
  • Improved Work Environment: The solution minimizes dust and debris, creating a
    cleaner and safer working environment.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use with a wide variety of jewelry materials,
    including gold, silver, and platinum.

Invest in Efficiency and Shine with Magnetic Polishing Solution:

  • Elevate Your Jewellery: Produce stunning pieces with a flawless finish, enhancing
    their overall beauty and value.
  • Increased Production: Faster polishing times translate to higher production capacity
    for your business
  •  Simplified Workflow:The solution streamlines your polishing process, saving you
    time and effort.

Technical's : -

Ultra-Shine™ MTG-9 is an magnetic cleaning and polishing liquid. It’s purely neutral and cyanide free cleaner.

Add 3% of Ultra-Shine™ MTG-9 with the rest 1 litre of water. i.e. 30ml of solution in every liter of water.

Operating Conditions:

Operating Temperature : 30oC – 55oC

Product Agitation : Optional


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Polishing Solution!

magnetic polishing solution
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