Yellow Gold Alloy

Yellow Gold Alloy's

With our exceptional selection of yellow gold alloys. We offer a variety of options to
perfectly suit your design needs, softness, and exact colour shade and karat preference.

Unmatched Accuracy and Performance:

  •  Formulated for precise compositions, ensuring consistent results in every piece.
  • High effectiveness allows you to work efficiently without sacrificing quality.


Tailored to Your Specifications:

  • Choose from standard, pre-mixed alloys or create your own custom blend.
  •  We work closely with you to meet your exact requirements.


Our Yellow Gold Alloy Collection:

  •  J13B: This economical option is perfect for 10-18 karat casting and handmade
  • JW503N: Achieve a classic, French/Italian yellow hue for 14-18 karat pieces, ideal
    for casting and handwork.
  •  JW354N: Create a unique touch with this dark yellow alloy, suitable for casting and
    handmade work in 14-18 karats.
  •  JW13B: Another budget-friendly choice for 10-18 karat casting and handmade
  • JHY22: Need a strong and durable option? This hard yellow alloy is perfect for 21-23
    karat casting and handmade work.


Elevate your jewelry creations with SRS Jewelkon's yellow gold alloys. Contact us today
to discuss your project and explore the possibilities!

Yellow gold alloys
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