Anti Tarnish Silver Alloys for Jewellery

Antitarnish Silver Alloy

Anti Tarnish Silver Alloys for Jewellery

Craft Tarnish-Resistant Silver Jewellery with Confidence

SRS Jewelkon revolutionizes silver jewelry creation with our premium anti-tarnish silver alloys.

Experience the Difference:

  • Long-lasting Beauty: Say goodbye to tarnish! Our alloys ensure your silver pieces
    maintain their brilliance for extended periods.
  • State-of-the-Art Quality: We utilize advanced testing facilities to guarantee
    exceptional quality and consistent results.
  • Accurate Composition: Rely on precise formulas for predictable and stunning silver

Unveiling Our Anti-Tarnish Silver Alloy Collection:

  • JAS88A: This alloy is specifically designed for 925 silver casing and handwork,
    offering superior tarnish resistance.
  • JW925A: Our super-premium, ready-to-cast anti-tarnish silver is perfect for both
    casting and handwork, making the creation of beautiful, tarnish-resistant jewelry

Embrace the enduring beauty of silver with SRS Jewelkon's anti-tarnish alloys. Contact us today to elevate your jewelry creations!

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