Achieve Flawless Jewelry Finishes with SRS Gold Electro- Polishing

SRS Jewelkon's innovative gold electro-polishing machines revolutionize jewelry
finishing, offering a faster, more cost-effective, and superior alternative to traditional

Unmatched Efficiency and Quality:

  • Effortless Workflow: Simply place casted pieces in the machine after filing for a
    quick and efficient polishing process.
  • Reduced Costs: Experience significant reductions in manual polishing labor, saving
    you time and money.
  • Exceptional Results: Achieve a mirror-like, extremely smooth and shiny surface
    finish on your jewelry pieces.
  • Versatility: This machine is suitable for both gold and silver jewelry, handling
    different karat and color variations.

Beyond Traditional Polishing:

  • Protect Your Craftsmanship: Unlike traditional methods, electro-polishing doesn't
    harm delicate gemstones.
  •  Minimize Metal Loss: Recover 100% of metal during the process, eliminating waste.
  • Skilled Labor Not Required: This user-friendly machine allows for effortless
    operation, even without extensive training.
  • Achieve the Look You Desire: Transform your wax-set pieces into jewelry with a
    stunning, professional metal set finish.
  •  Ideal for Mass Production: This technology is specifically designed to streamline
    high-volume jewelry finishing.
  • Unmatched Reach: The electro-polishing process ensures a flawless finish, even in
    hard-to-reach inner areas.

Elevate your jewelry creations with the power of SRS Jewelkon's gold electro-polishing machines. Contact us today to explore how this technology can transform your business!


Electropolishing Machine for Gold and Silver Jewellery

SRS gold electropolishing machine is a special Machine which increases your productivity with reduction in cost and improvement in quality. The casted pieces are directly placed in this Machine after filing. In few minutes, the surface of the pieces will become smooth and the pieces will be polished. 

Key Features:

  • Common plant for Gold and Silver.
  • Common machine for different karat and color gold.
  • Reduces manual polishing work upto 85%
  • Reduce Efforts of Dhaga Polishing
  • Gives extremely smooth and shiny surface finishing.
  • Does not harm stones.
  • 100% metal recovery possible
  • No skilled labor required
  • Gives metal set look to your wax setted pieces.
  • Most suitable for mass finishing of jewellery
  • Smoothens the inner most area as well.
Gold electro polishing machine


Gold electropolishing machine is a special Machine which increases your productivity with reduction in cost and improvement in quality. Electro-polishing of metal involves passage of electric current through a rough piece while it is submerged in a specially designed ELECTROPOLISHING chemical, along with suitable medias. 


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