Wax Magic Spray

Achieve Flawless Castings Every Time with Wax Magic Spray!

Tired of casting problems? Introducing Wax Magic Spray by Ultra-Shine, the
revolutionary solution that eliminates casting issues without the need for expensive high-
tech equipment.

Effortless Quality Improvement:

  • Say Goodbye to Casting Defects: Achieve perfect castings with a smooth surface,
    minimal porosity. This translates to less post-casting polishing and rework.
  • Enhanced Metal Flow: The special coating in Wax Magic Spray ensures better metal
    flow during casting, minimizing shrinkage porosity and rough surfaces.
  • Universal Application: This spray works effectively with various cam pieces, wax
    pieces, rubber moulds, casting machines, alloys, and burnout cycles.

Benefits beyond Perfect Castings:

  • Reduced Polishing Time: The smooth surface achieved with Wax Magic Spray
    significantly reduces the need for extensive polishing after casting.
  • Cleaner Workflow: Eliminate problems caused by dust or powder residue on wax
    pieces, leading to a cleaner and more efficient casting process.
  • Faster Burnout: The special coating allows for faster wax drainage during the
    burnout cycle, saving you valuable time.

Wax Magic Spray Minimise Common Casting Issues:

Ø Gas Porosity
Ø Shrinkage porosity
Ø Metal Cracking
Ø Rough casting
Ø Incomplete filling
Ø Water marks on casted surface
Ø Brittle prongs

Technicals : -

Wax Magic Spray is a specially formulated solution that creates a transparent, elastic coating
on your wax pieces. This coating dries quickly and burns out cleanly at a specific
temperature, leaving behind a smooth cavity in the flask for perfect metal casting.

Invest in casting success with Wax Magic Spray! Contact us today to learn more and
experience the difference!

Wax magic spray
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