Achieve Flawless Gold Finishes Effortlessly with ULTRA-

Gold Electro Polishing Solution for Jewellery

ULTRA-SHINE EP-Pol is a revolutionary gold electroplating solution designed to
streamline your polishing process and achieve exceptional results, especially in hard-to-
reach areas.

Effortless Polishing, Superior Results:

  • Reaches the Untouchables: This advanced solution polishes those intricate details
    and low-density areas where manual polishing is difficult or impossible.
  • Mirror-Like Finish: Experience a smooth and flawless finish on your gold jewelry,
    elevating its overall quality and beauty.
  •  Reduced Labor Costs: Save time and money by minimizing the need for manual
    polishing, especially in intricate areas.
  •  Minimal Gold Loss: Unlike traditional methods, EP-Pol offers significant reduction
    in gold loss during the polishing process.

Simple and Efficient Polishing:

  • Electroplating Power: This solution utilizes the power of electroplating to achieve a
    consistent and high-quality polish.
  • Easy to Use: The process is user-friendly and requires minimal training, making it
    ideal for all skill levels.

Invest in Efficiency and Shine with ULTRA-SHINE EP-Pol:

  • Elevate Your Craft: Produce stunning gold jewelry with a flawless finish, setting
    you apart from the competition.
  •  Increased Production: Experience faster polishing times with EP-Pol, allowing you
    to increase your production capacity.
  • Sustainable Solution: Minimize gold waste with this innovative electroplating

Upgrade your gold polishing process today. Contact us to learn more about ULTRA-

gold electro polishing chemical
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