Jewellery Shining Solution and Activator


Ultra-shine SE-45 Shining solution not only cleans the metal area but also gives good shine to metal and diamonds because of the special activators.

Achieve Dazzling Brilliance with ULTRA-SHINE SE-45
Jewellery Shining Solution

Ultra-SHINE SE-45 is a revolutionary shining solution designed to elevate the sparkle of your jewelry and create a lasting impression on your customers.

Unmatched Shine and Clarity:

  • Effortless Cleaning: This solution effectively removes dirt and grime, leaving your
    jewelry sparkling clean.
  • Brilliant Diamonds: Special activators and diamond boiling additives significantly
    enhance the shine of your diamonds.
  • Enhanced Metal Brilliance: The solution brightens the base metal, ensuring a
    radiant canvas for your dazzling diamonds.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Ultra-SHINE SE-45 acts as an anti-tarnish agent,
    protecting your silver and brass jewelry from oxidation.


Say Goodbye to Ultrasonic Cleaners for shining purpose:

  • Simple and Convenient: Unlike traditional methods, this solution eliminates the
    need for expensive and time-consuming ultrasonic cleaning machines.
  • Cost-Effective: Experience superior results at a fraction of the cost associated with ultrasonic cleaning.


The Science Behind the Shine:

Extensive research has shown that a clean and activated metal surface is crucial for achieving maximum brilliance in diamonds and jewelry. Ultra-SHINE SE-45 is formulated with this principle in mind, delivering exceptional cleaning and activation in a single step.

Shining Activator

More Than Just Cleaning:

  • Impress Your Customers: Showcase your jewelry in its most dazzling state and
    create a lasting positive impression.
  • Enhance Brand Value: By offering impeccably clean and radiant jewelry, you
    elevate your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Sales Potential: Sparkling jewelry attracts attention and drives sales,
    ultimately boosting your bottom line.

The characteristic of Ultra-Shine SE- 45:

  • No need for special ultrasonic cleaning machine in your shop.
  • It enhances diamond’s shine to a great extent.
  • It makes the base metal brighter, because of which, the shine of rhodium enhances.
  • It will improve the shine and brightness of the rhodium as well.
  • It acts as an Anti-tarnish agent on silver jewellery and brass jewellery.


For bright appearance of diamonds and jewellery pieces, good cleaning, good activation of metal surface is required. Practical study says that, better the cleanness and activation of the piece, shinier it will be.

Ultra-shine SE-45 Shining solution not only cleans the metal area but also gives good shine to metal and diamonds because of the special activators and diamond boiling additives.

it prevents oxidation of the pieces as well.
The ULTRA-SHINE SE-45 will help you to make a permanent impression on your clients and enhance your brand name, quality of product and its value, with reduction in cost.


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