Premium Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

ULTRA-SHINE UTP-90: The Secret to Dazzling Diamonds and Sparkling Jewelry

Unleash the ultimate brilliance in your jewelry with ULTRA-SHINE UTP-90, the premium
ultrasonic cleaning solution designed to transform your rhodium plating process.

Solution To Enhance Shine On Diamond And Metal Area

For an ever–increasing demand in the world market for extremely bright appearance of diamond, we have developed a new product called “ULTRA-SHINE (UTP 90)”

The revolutionary characteristic of this product is, it’s particularly suitable for cleaning of jewellery pieces, where a brilliant brightness is required on the metal as well as diamond area.

Here's what makes ULTRA-SHINE UTP-90 exceptional:

  • Double the Shine: UTP-90 doesn't just clean, it actively enhances the shine of both
    diamonds and the underlying metal. This creates a breathtaking brilliance that sets
    your jewelry apart.
  • Rhodium Radiance: Experience superior results in your rhodium plating. UTP-90
    ensures a flawless, mirror-like finish on the rhodium layer, maximizing its shine and
  • Long-lasting Protection: The advanced formula acts as an anti-tarnish agent,
    safeguarding your silver and brass jewelry from unsightly discoloration.
  • Scientifically Formulated: Developed based on the principle that a clean surface is a
    shiny surface, UTP-90 includes special diamond boiling additives to maximize
  • Cost-Effective Choice: UTP-90's superior cleaning power allows you to achieve
    exceptional results without needing excessive product, reducing your overall costs.


ULTRA-SHINE UTP-90 isn’t just a cleaning solution, it's an investment in the
brilliance of your brand. With every sparkling piece, you'll leave a lasting impression on
your clients and elevate your reputation for quality and value.
Upgrade your ultrasonic cleaning today and experience the ULTRA-SHINE difference!

ultra sonic cleaning liquid for jewellery
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