Brass and Bronze Yellow Alloys

Brass and Bronze Yellow Alloys

Streamline Sample Creation with Our Ready-to-Cast
JBR11A Bronze Alloy

SRS Jewelkon introduces the JBR11A, a revolutionary anti-tarnish, ready-to-cast bronze alloy designed to simplify and enhance your sample line creation.

Effortless Sample Making:

  • Ready to Cast: Eliminate the need for pre-mixing – this alloy is formulated for
    immediate use in casting applications.
  • Superior Efficiency: Save time and resources by streamlining your sample line
    production process.
  • Anti-Tarnish Formula: Reduce tarnishing concerns and ensure your samples
    maintain their brilliance over time.
  •  Ideal for Sample Lines & Mold Masters: This versatile alloy is perfect for creating
    accurate and durable samples for mold making.

Unleash the Potential of JBR11A:

  • JBR11A: This exceptional alloy offers a beautiful yellow hue, perfect for creating
    high-quality sample lines and mold masters.

Transform your sample line creation with the JBR11A bronze alloy. Contact SRS
Jewelkon today to learn more!

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