Tarnish Removing Solution


ULTRA-SHINE TR-27 is a revolutionary tarnish remover solution designed to effortlessly
restore the brilliance of your silver and copper pieces.

Restore the Shine of Your Silver and Copper with

Tarnish Remover

Unmatched Cleaning and Shine:

  • Removes Tarnish and Oxide Layers: This powerful formula effectively removes
    tarnish and oxide layers, revealing the natural beauty of your metal.
  • Enhanced Shine: Special activator additives go beyond cleaning, leaving your silver
    and copper with a radiant shine.
  • Protects Against Future Tarnish: The neutral formula helps prevent future
    oxidation, keeping your pieces lustrous for longer.
  • Safe for Plating: Use TR-27 to prepare metal surfaces for plating without
    compromising the plating process.
  • No Weight Loss: Unlike harsh cleaning methods, TR-27 removes tarnish without
    causing any weight loss to your precious metals.

Simple and Efficient Tarnish Removal:

  • No Ultrasonic Cleaner Required: Save time and money by eliminating the need for
    expensive ultrasonic cleaning machines.
  •  Easy-to-Use: Simply dip your silver or copper pieces in the solution for 2-4 seconds
    for a quick clean.
  •  Heat for Stubborn Tarnish: For heavily tarnished pieces, heat the solution to 50°C
    and dip for 4-8 seconds for an even deeper clean.

Invest in the brilliance your silver and copper deserve. Contact us today to learn more
about ULTRA-SHINE TR-27!

Tarnish Remover


For bright appearance of metals, good cleaning, good activation of metal surface is required. Practical study says that, better the cleanness and activation of the piece, shinier it will be.

Ultra-shine™ TR-27 Tarnish remover solution not only cleans the metal but also gives good shine to metal, because of the special activators additives. As it Ph level is 7 (neutral nature); it prevents oxidation of the pieces as well.

How To Use:

Just pour ULTRA-SHINE™ TR-27 in a liter’s beaker, and dip the pieces inside it for 10 to 15 sec. and the luster on metal will enhance. If the Tarnish is very old then you can heat the solution upto 50o C and dip the pieces for 30-45 seconds.

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