White Gold Alloys

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We are one of the eminent manufacturers and exporters of a comprehensive array of White Gold Alloy that is widely being used by our clients across the globe. These white gold alloys are highly pure as the contamination would affect the color and ductility. Further, these alloys get easily blended with gold with perfect annealing properties and optimum hardness which ensure defect free jewellery to the clients.


White Gold Alloys for Jewellery Shine

WNPF 85 – Nickel Palladium free white alloy for 8-12Kt. 

WD010  – It’s an economical white alloy for 10 – 18 kt. With very good whiteness.

WD720 – Nickel Safe white alloy for 14-18Kt. casting.

WD1016 – White alloy for 9-14 kt.

WD2013 – Universal alloy for 10-18 Kt. (for casting and mechanical work).




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